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  • 2022.09.23: The Return

    Trip’s over. Alarm at 5:30, snoozed until 5:48. No real snoozing involved, just lying lazily in bed not wanting to get up. Tightly rolled up my clothes into the duffel last night which gave me a false sense of having made plenty of room in the bag until, this morning, I had to add my […]

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  • 2022.09.19: Toronto, Here I Come (Or I might just be making popcorn)!

    2022.09.19: Toronto, Here I Come (Or I might just be making popcorn)!

    First time flying anywhere since pre-covid. Heading to a team meeting in Toronto with mixed feelings, as always: on the one hand, I’m looking forward to seeing people I haven’t seen in close to three years; on the other, I don’t really like traveling all that much. It’s not so much the traveling, but the […]

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  • Productive Waste of Time

    Productive Waste of Time

    Yesterday I used my lunch hour to go to the local Barnes and Noble bookstore to get the latest issue of i-D Magazine. Turns out they didn’t have it. It’s an import from the UK and they are still one and a half issues behind on the magazine racks here (another issue is due out […]

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  • 2022.09.07: “What’s It Like to Be Dead?”

    2022.09.07: “What’s It Like to Be Dead?”

    Just finished reading Tim O’Brien The Things They Carried, a coherent collection of short stories about Tim’s time as a soldier in Vietnam. I call it a ‘coherent collection’ because the stories, any one of which could stand its own, flow in either chronological or narrative order. It’s a book I picked up by chance […]

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