Noir-ish Part 1

The cigarette hanging from the sneer of her mouth said she didn’t give a shit. The stool specimen she held out to me indicated otherwise. I took it from her and we looked at each other for a moment before she said ‘Well?’


‘Do you think it stinks’ she asked.

My clever retort: ‘If it’s Your’s, I’m sure it does.’

Smile, wink, ‘hell YEAH, it does!’ she says before blowing me a kiss, turning and walking out the door.

What I didn’t know was why I was so suddenly attracted to her that I needed to find out who she was and where I could go to see her again.

What she didn’t know was that the doctor’s office was next door. She’d accidentally come into mine: the offices of Lou da Silva, Private Detective. Sniffing out shit is my business.

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