Conspiracy Theories and Me

So, I’m at lunch, having a beer (or two (or three (or I lost count))) and I’m scrolling Instagram thinking, ‘do men actually like women or have we been conditioned to like women?

What if we were originally meant to partner with dogs so as to create a race of elite beings who not only have opposable thumbs but also incredible senses of smell and hearing while maintaining man’s ability for color differentiation?

And what if a group of rich white men started making the rest of us believe that women were what we were really after, rewriting the history books and religious texts we read to reinforce this outrageous lie?

And all the while these dog fuckers are having the time of their lives, breading a super race, keeping us head down in servitude working for their enrichment and entertainment!

Well to them, all I have to say is: ‘Thanks! I may be living contrarily to the laws of nature, but I like it!

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