Printing on the Wrong Side of the Paper

Bit of silliness…

I’m in the middle (almost finished, actually) of reading Hold Still a memoir (with photographs) by Sally Mann, a photographer I’ve admired since the late 80s. Really good read and I recommend it, not just for the discussions of her work and some of the controversy it caused in the 90s when Immediate Family came out, but the general way she writes about her life, her children, her husband and their family histories – really well written stuff.

Anyway, this morning I decided to print a self portrait of hers from 1974 intending to use it as a bookmark (I do that a lot: use pictures I print as bookmarks). The printer, it turned out, was out of paper and when I went to load it, I put the paper in upside down. This is how the picture came out:

I kind of like how the picture came out, but unfortunately, it never dried (I’m talking 6 hours later!), so I couldn’t use it as intended. I wonder if spray fixative would have let me keep it?

This is how it was meant to look:

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