Be Careful What You Wish For – I Wasn’t

This morning, as I was helping my wife unpack the groceries and putting the bags they came in aside for later folding, I started to think about Rod Serling and William Sydney Porter (O. Henry), both of whom wrote stories about people who made wishes which came true, but with unexpected, sometimes disastrous, consequences. And I remembered that sometime in October, not long after Connecticut had banned them, I wished that stores still gave out plastic bags. I was down to my last few and they were handy for the small garbage cans I have all over the house and to take out the recycling. I felt a little bit anxious knowing that I would soon be out.

Now, it’s the beginning of May, well into the COVID-19 nuttiness. Most supermarkets discourage the use of personal pages and many started handing out plastic again. My wish has come true: I’ve got a closet full of them. And, I’m wondering: did I cause COVID-19 by wishing for plastic bags again?

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